Meet Cheryl

Cheryl Jones Photographer Seattle

About Me

I have always had a passion for art. Many of my childhood memories are with a pencil or marker in hand. My grade school papers were always cluttered with rough sketches. I studied art in college and traveled to Florence and Paris to study the Renaissance and Impressionism. I spent much of my time oil painting up until I graduated. Fresh from college and looking to broaden my horizons, I purchased my first professional camera – and I was hooked. I said goodbye to my neglected paints and tucked my easel deep into the closest. I ventured into the world of photography and I have not looked back. My background in art plays an inseparable role in my photography. I think about the direction of light and shawdow, composition and so many other fundamental aspects of art as I compose a photograph. My imagery is rich, vibrant, and full of contrast – just like my oil paintings.